Past Novels

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The following are several reader comments:

     “This book is for anyone who plays golf, has worked as a golf caddie, or belongs to any organization with a diverse membership. The book exhibits humor with a cast of characters from a Charles Dickens novel, as well as life lessons learned by a fourteen-year old boy working his first year as a golf caddie at a private club in a small Midwestern city. While the book is set in 1965, the characters and events depicted are timeless.”

     “Have read the book and thoroughly enjoyed and amazed at the research you must have done. Cleverly done. Being age appropriate, lots of thoughts and memories.” 

     “The parts I liked best were not on the golf course, but instead, all the Catholic school stuff, the ride to the lake, the interaction with his family were all very realistic…It made me remember how I felt at that age.

     “I found the story to be an interesting journey through a summer of my youth.”

     “I read your book…at times I could not stop laughing.”

     “5 Stars! It’s a parody of what we were really like…”

     “A lot of the content hit home with me…I was a caddie at the local country club and there was definitely a pecking order and competition for loops and some of the “Old” golfers were real characters.  It brought back memories.  Very creative.

     “I’m not even a casual reader, but I really enjoyed it.  I had trouble putting it down, particularly the last 3rd of the book. I didn’t want it to end!”

     “Just like in the novel, I started caddying as a teenager in the mid-1960s, so Scott Spykstra and I have a lot in common. References to that time in America were spot on. “Looking Forward…” is a great “coming of age” story.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who either is near that age (which is basically a big chunk of baby boomers) or anyone else for that matter who has a close relationship with someone who is that age…it’ll help you to understand them a little bit better!”

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